The PEOPLE Process®

Here’s a fast, easy, fun way to help employees get valuable insights into understanding differing personality types. Great for seminars and in-house training, this powerful personality type assessment tool is also highly effective as a team building activity.

The PEOPLE Process is a unique, dynamic tool that goes beyond personality type training and:

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The People Process package
Participant's Package: $25.00

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Helps people understand how individuals vary in terms of their basic viewpoint, approach and leadership styles
Encourages people to find out how to work in harmony with another management style.
Presents personality type preferences in terms of strengths
Reinforces that a diverse group of types is stronger when all members understand how to relate to each other
Provides participants with a self improvement tool they can use at work and with family and friends to increase self confidence and personal power.

Role plays and other materials in the Trainer's Manual help underscore the need for understanding different personality type profiles. It includes program agendas, structured experiences, and complete instructions for administering the training as part of a leadership development and management development program.

Each Participant's Package includes the process wheel, profile sheets, and a handy booklet filled with tips on using the principles of personality type.

A 21-slide PowerPoint is excellent for use in conducting a training or giving a presentation to management on the benefits of employees understanding and using psychological type.

Identify management styles quickly and easily with The PEOPLE Process® Wheel ... A colorful tool that makes the whole process FUN!

The PEOPLE Process® was developed by Pam and Roy Hollister
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Are you ISTJ? ENFP? Now you can tell in 5 minutes with this user-friendly personality type profile indicator!

Determine personality type preferences

  • Discover how people gather information and make decisions
  • Understand how to relate to people with different leadership styles

  • Timing
    Trainers manual gives direction to conduct a 2 hour or 4 hour program

    Excellent for Team Building!
    Marital counseling
    Life coaching