Curious About What Makes Your Coworkers Tick? Their Psychological Type Might Be the Answer

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Based on the personality theory of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and made practical by Myers & Briggs, type training is used by organizations around the globe and has become an essential tool for assessing personality differences and using those differences to improve individual and team performance.

The PEOPLE Process simplifies the understanding of personality type making it easy to understand and apply. The Wheel demonstrates four behavioral dimensions - how ENERGY is focused, how INFORMATION is gathered, how DECISIONS are made and how ACTION is taken. Within each of these dimensions are opposing “preferences” for which everyone has a natural, inborn strength.

Southwest Airlines management reports that training their employees in using psychological type creates an atmosphere of understanding resulting in improved communication and increased productivity – allowing Southwest to remain a phenomenon in a beleaguered industry.

Marriott International believes the key to successful leadership and communication is awareness of self and others and trains all managers in the understanding and application of personality type. Marriott scored the highest in a J.D. Power & Associates’ Guest Satisfaction Study.

As a tool for increasing staff satisfaction and employee retention, stimulating team communication and productivity, and assessing management and leadership effectiveness, The PEOPLE Process is easy to understand and immediately useful in your work environment.