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November 2006


Our first article in this month's newsletter is about five management qualities that have been identified as important for successful leadership. Remarkably, all of them are addressed through personality type.

Our second article is a continuation of last month's article from The TYPE Reporter, about feelings people have about being incorrectly "typed." I found it very informative, even though I've been studying and implementing "type theory" for over 20 years. I know you will too!

  • Are you ISTJ? ENFP?
  • The Five Attributes Necessary for Successful Leadership
  • "I Don't Think It's Right To Type People" - Part 2 Excerpt From The TYPE Reporter, Issue No. 37
  • About the Author - Pam Hollister, INTJ

  • The Five Attributes Necessary for Successful Leadership

    Leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others. Each one of us is required to exhibit leadership capabilities every day, in our professional and personal lives - a mother inspiring her children to do their best in school; an HR Manager attempting to lift the morale of the company; a politician asking for our vote; a president of a corporation asking management to increase productivity.

    It doesn't matter what the size of the organization is, understanding your personal leadership strengths can assist in accomplishing your goals. In a study of Leadership and Personality Type, the five most important leadership qualities were identified as.....

    "I Don't Think It's Right To Type People" - Part 2 Excerpt From The TYPE Reporter, Issue No. 37

    "I don't think it's right to type people because decisions might be made affecting people based on their type alone." Dan is the husband of a friend. He's an INTP and a lawyer. "People were always telling me that I couldn't do things," he said. "They tried to tell me I couldn't go to law school because I came from a working class background, but I did.

    About the Author - Pam Hollister, INTJ

    Pamela & Roy Hollister developed The PEOPLE Process � �Understanding People is what it's all about" � with the intention of providing a package that would simplify the understanding and use of personality- type theory. Pam has over 30 years of professional business experience with emphasis on entrepreneurship, marketing and business communications. She has created and directed training programs for a large number of Fortune 500 companies, the US Air Force, the Department of Energy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and numerous school districts throughout North America.

    Are you ISTJ? ENFP?

    Now you can tell in 5 minutes with this user-friendly personality type Wheel for understanding self and others!

    A hands-on, interactive assessment and training tool that determines personality-type preferences utilizing theory created by Dr. Carl Jung. This 3-part package consisting of a Wheel, Profile Sheets and Booklet is an easy and fun way to help employees get valuable insights into interacting with others. Great for a leadership development program and communication skills training, this powerful tool for personality assessment is highly effective as a teambuilding communication training.

    What clients are saying about us.....

    The session that I led for our company's twenty Human Resource & Training Professionals went very well and the feedback I received was wonderful. The participants truly enjoyed discovering their "type" and learning about their peers as well. They loved The PEOPLE Process tools and said they made it easy to stay engaged and gave them information in a clear and concise way. The session lasted about 2-1/2 hours and they were hungry for more! I referred them to the TPP participant book for further reading. The learning session was indeed "profound" for all the participants. As our organization determines next steps for The PEOPLE Process, I will keep in touch. Mary Ellen Higgins, SPHR, Director, Training & Development, ACCENT

    We have found this product to be effective in training diplomats in negotiation and crisis management skills, retrenched fishermen in job seeking skills, managers in hi-tech organizations in career development, hospital emergency-room staff in managing conflict encounters, civil servants in time management skills, trainers in advanced facilitation skills, and entrepreneurs in new business start-ups. Without exception, participants have been able to relate easily to the use of the system, are amazed at the uncanny accuracy of the personality type profile, and have been able to apply The PEOPLE Process in their daily work. David Kenny, Director, PKA Training & Development, Ireland

    ...a great tool to help team members understand themselves and their teammates better. My clients love it because it has been delightfully accurate and is a practical "take-away" that they can share with the significant people in their lives. I highly recommend it as a key tool for facilitators to use to assess personality type preferences. Ruth Urban, M.S., Certified Professional Facilitator, The Urban Group, Las Vegas, Nevada

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