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The PEOPLE Process TYPE TALK Understanding People is what it's all about.
February 2006


This is the first issue of The PEOPLE Process TYPE TALK. It’s our intention to provide a resource for greater understanding of the value and use of psychological type training in the workplace and everyday life. We will focus on articles and research that demonstrate how an understanding and application of type enriches and expands our ability to positively impact relationships. Each issue will feature an excerpt from the print newsletter The TYPE Reporter – a valuable resource about personality type and how it influences you in all the stages of life. In this issue, The TYPE Reporter answers the question, “What Can You Do With Type”. Please give us feedback on the relevance of our content for you and let us know what information you would like included as well as questions answered. And, if you have an article that would be helpful to the type community, please send it along. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Are you ISTJ? ENFP?
  • Disengaged Workers Costs the U.S. Economy About $300 Billion A Year.
  • Curious About What Makes Your Coworkers Tick?
  • What Can You Do With Type?
  • About the Author

  • Disengaged Workers Costs the U.S. Economy About $300 Billion A Year.

    Over 50 years of Gallup research and scientific studies back a recent study conducted by the Gallup Organization that states negativity costs the U.S. economy $300 billion a year - and that's a conservative estimate. Focusing on someone's strengths and giving recognition for performance is critical to success. The new Gallup study found that when managers focused on employees' strengths, 61% of the employees were engaged in the work and only 1% were actively disengaged.....

    Curious About What Makes Your Coworkers Tick?

    Their Psychological Type might be the answer. Based on the personality assessment theory of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, psychological type training is used by organizations around the globe and has become an essential tool for personality assessment differences and using those differences to improve individual and team performance.....

    What Can You Do With Type?

    "Well I think this Type theory is interesting, but what can you do with it?" I've heard that comment from several people over the years. You might assume they were all Sensing types, since Ss look for usefulness first, but strangely enough, the people who asked me that were all Intuitives.

    Whenever people ask me "What can you do with type?" I tell them that the best thing about type is that most of the time it frees you to do nothing. Before people know about type, they do all sorts of unproductive, harmful things, like worry, get mad at people, or try to change them. But after they know about type, they are more likely to understand, forgive, relax, and do -- nothing.

    For example, my friend Agnes has been very concerned about her son because in school he doesn't like to participate in group activities, but quietly busies himself alone. She worries "What can I do to make him join in?" She was even thinking of having him tested for learning disabilities. But after she figured out that he is probably an INTJ.....

    (Excerpt from The TYPE Reporter,

    About the Author

    Pamela & Roy Hollister developed The PEOPLE Process – “By business people for business people” – with the intention of providing a package that would simplify the understanding and use of personality- type theory. Pam has over 30 years of professional business experience with emphasis on entrepreneurship, marketing and business communications. She has created and directed training programs for a large number of Fortune 500 companies, the US Air Force, the Department of Energy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and numerous school districts throughout North America.

    Are you ISTJ? ENFP?

    Now you can tell in 5 minutes with this user-friendly personality type profile indicator!

    Based on psychological type theory created by Dr. Carl Jung, this 3-part package consisting of a Wheel, Profile Sheets and Booklet is an easy and fun way to help employees get valuable insights into interacting with others. Great for a leadership development program and communication skills training, this powerful tool for personality assessment is highly effective as a teambuilding communication training.

    What clients are saying about us.....

    The personality type profile materials have been a huge hit in our company leadership development program. Our managers can identify their MBTI type within 6-7 minutes and they love it.

    We have found this product to be effective in training diplomats in negotiation and crisis management skills, retrenched fishermen in job seeking skills, managers in hi-tech organizations in career development, hospital emergency-room staff in managing conflict encounters, civil servants in time management skills, trainers in advanced facilitation skills, and entrepreneurs in new business start-ups. Without exception, participants have been able to relate easily to the use of the system, are amazed at the uncanny accuracy of the personality type profile, and have been able to apply The PEOPLE Process in their daily work.

    ...a great tool to help team members understand themselves and their teammates better. My clients love it because it has been delightfully accurate and is a practical "take-away" that they can share with the significant people in their lives. I highly recommend it as a key tool for facilitators to use to assess personality type preferences.

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