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Intuitive Listening Strengths

I’m able to synthesize or articulate the thoughts of others.”

Intuitive listeners are often good at taking the stories they hear and connecting them with a theory or an idea.? For example, after the Virginia Tech shootings, an acquaintance said that she was dismayed that there was no Christian prayer said at the university?s memorial service.? That bothered me, because I was thinking of all the non-Christian students that would have felt excluded during a prayer, at a time when they needed to join together in their common grief.? I repeated her comment to an ENFP friend, and his reply was:? ?Our founding fathers understood the tyranny of the majority over the minority, but people today forget that.?? You can?t get better validation than to be told that you think like our founding fathers, and I?m usually grateful when Intuitive listeners take my specific experience and connect it to the general experience.?

Another strength of Intuitive listeners is that they?re able to sort through a great deal of information and find the essential idea.

?My strengths as a listener are being able to synthesize or articulate the thoughts of others, particularly in group discussions, when discussion is going all over the place,? says Carolyn, INFP.? ?I can pull together what I have heard.?

?If a client is really upset, I?ll say, ?Start anyplace, and we?ll track it together,?? says Catherine, ENTJ.? ?After they get all the pieces out, no matter how chaotic their story, I can feel myself consulting my Intuition, asking myself if I have the full picture.?

Intuitive listeners are also good at listening for possibilities, when something the speaker said might mean more than they are giving it credit for.?

?My strengths are that I?ll hear something in passing, an extraneous comment, a little nugget that has been thrown out,? says Dee, ENTP, ?and I?ll ask them to say some more about it.? I?ll help them return to that comment and unpack it.?

The best thing about Intuitive listeners, however, is that they can sometimes listen for possibilities in the speaker, and be able to tel them that they are worth more than they give themselves credit for.

?Beyond just the data gathering, I try to help people identify their strengths, to reframe things when they?re feeling very negative about themselves,? says Craig, ENFP.? ?I remember when I was a kid, walking home from lunch with this girl in my class.? She was burdened because the other kids were making fun of her.? I said something about her talents, and after that, the poison was gone for her.? When I?m working with clients as well, I try to help people see themselves so that they like what they see.?

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