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A Great Destroyer of Teamwork - The Fundamental Attribution Error

We human beings have a tendency to falsely attribute the negative behaviors of others to their character, while attributing our own negative behaviors to environmental factors.

In other words, if I see a woman being impatient with her children at the grocery store and giving them a swat, I think, ?that is a mean woman.?? While, when my own kids are driving me crazy and arguing with me and I give them a swat, I think, ?I?ve got some really unruly children.?

We tend to like to believe that we do bad things because of the situations we are in, but somehow we assume that others do bad things because they are predisposed to being bad.

In the same way, we often attribute other people?s success to their environment and our own success to our character.? That?s because we like to believe that we are inherently good and talented, while others are merely lucky, beneficiaries of good fortune.

This fundamental attribution error often creates misunderstanding and distrust among team members.? By getting to know one another better and understanding our personality tendencies, team members can often avoid this problem.

Personality-type training can eliminate the ?Fundamental Attribution Error.?

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