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Why I Became Involved in Writing and Teaching About Personality Type

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t shared why I became involved in creating products and training about personality type.

In late?1987, I was reintroduced to personality type through a company called True Colors which at that time was located in Laguna Beach. True Colors has a terrific product that teaches about one aspect of personality type - Temperament Theory - using four cards with symbols of the four functions, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling.? This exposure prompted my husband Roy and I to start studying more about personality type and we decided?to create products that?are based?on the complete Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory and therefore created The PEOPLE Process.

We chose to concentrate on first understanding yourself, and then quickly move people?towards understanding everyone else because we felt that is where the real power of type lies - understanding the other guy and relating to him/her based on?that person’s?preferences/comfort zone.? We approached the business of developing these products as a “mission” and invested a lot of our time, sincere effort and finances in the product line.

And now, 22 years later I can still say that it thrills me to conduct a training because I always receive comments from the people attending about how valuable the information is to them and?that they now understand why the relationships in their lives are the way that they are and what to do to improve those relationships. This is really important to me because my type, INTJ, is driven to make a difference?that assists people in a real-world way.

I get so excited everytime someone orders The PEOPLE Process products from my website. I take the entire business personally. It is a big deal to me. It’s a thrill to know that even companies in Australia, Canada, England and Ireland are using my products to work together better on their teams.


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