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The Absence of TRUST - The fear of being vulnerable with team members prevents the building of trust within the team

The first and most important dysfunction of a team must learn to overcome is the absence of trust.? Trust is all about vulnerability.? Team members who trust one another can be comfortable being open, even exposed, to one another around their failures, weaknesses, even fears.


Vulnerability-based trust is predicated on the simple and practical idea that people who aren?t afraid to admit the truth about themselves are not going to engage in the kind of political behavior that wastes everyone?s time and energy, and, more important, makes the accomplishment of results an unlikely scenario.


Team members need to be comfortable being exposed to one another, so that they will be unafraid to honestly say things like ?I was wrong,?? ?I made a mistake,? ?I need help,?? ?I?m not sure,? ?you?re better than I am at that,? and ?I?m sorry.?


Unless they can bring themselves to readily speak these words when the situation calls for it, they will waste time and energy thinking about what they should say, and wondering about the true intentions of their peers.


For a team to establish real trust, team members, beginning with the leader, must be willing to take risks without a guarantee of success.? They will have to be vulnerable without knowing whether that vulnerability will be respected and reciprocated.


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