The People Process: Understanding people is what it's all about.

Feeling Listening Strengths

?I know where they?re coming from.?

Feelings are underneath everything we convey, even if it?s news or information.? Being able to understand the feelings of people, even if they are not being discussed, is a huge plus for Feeling types when it comes to listening.?

The PEOPLE Process Type Wheel

?My strength as a listener is that I can get inside people?s heads and know where they?re coming from,? says Marthanne, ENFJ.? ?Most people experience that very positively as a blessing and a drink of water when they?re thirsty.?

?When I listen to people I become like them; I?m in the ring with them,? says Craig, ENFP.? ?I love getting inside the head of someone and walking in their shoes,? says Janet, INFJ.? ?In fact, it?s energizing for me.?

Another strength of Feeling types is that they want to please people, and if they figure out that listening is a way to please people, they have a strong desire to give the gift of listening.

?I always try to act as interested and engaged as I possibly can,? says Paul, ESFJ.? ?I ask them a lot of questions, and ask myself what they are really trying to tell me.? Then, I try to share an experience that is similar, so they know they?re not the only ones who feel that way.?

?Ever since I was little, I felt like listening was one of my strengths,? says Susan, ISFJ.? ?I have a lot of patience, and I really, really like people.? I realized early on that people like talking about themselves, and if I listen, they like me.?

Source:? The TYPE Reporter:? The Gift of Listening, No. 98

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