Being a More Effective ISTJ

In this ongoing series, we are discussing in-depth personality type strengths and weaknesses and how that type can be more effective in their interactions with others. This material is largely from the book, “YOU-Being More Effective In Your MBTI® Type.”

ISTJ’s like straightforward and direct information and find dealing with change a challenge. Following are suggestions that can ease this pain:

1. Tolerance Of Errors & Mistakes: Good advice for the ISTJ is when confronted with change, make a series of smaller decisions, get feedback, correct the course, get a little more data, move forward a little more, until the problem is under control. ISTJ’s push to “get it right” the first time. If they would start small with little decisions and take small actions as soon as possible, they can recover more quickly.

2. Perfectionism: Try to decrease need for more data and being always right until a more reasonable balance is reached between thinking it through and taking action. Try making small decisions without any data. Studies suggest successful general managers are about 65% correct. You don’t have to be completely accurate all of the time.

3. Solving Problems: What are the deep principles of what you’re working on? Search your business past and the historical past for parallels - not in parallel organizations, but ask a broader question that will aid in the search for solutions, such as “What are the deep principles of what we’re working on?” When Motorola wanted to find out how to process orders more quickly, they went to Domino’s Pizza and Federal Express, not other electronics firms.

4. Patterns. Look at successes and search for the underlying principles the success. Reduce your insights to principles that may be repeatable, and, then when faced with the next new problem, those general underlying principles will apply.

5. Completion: Recognize that many tasks may only ever get 80% done and change your internal process toward feeling good about fixing mistakes and moving things forward incrementally.

Next post, we’ll discuss how ISTJ’s can Show Compassion and Caring.

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    I would love to read the article on how ISTJ’s can show more compassion and caring.

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